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I recently was certified as a Human Capital Strategist byHCI. After the two-day course I was feeling a lot of different things. I didn’t realize that this course would also be an intense personal coaching session! I was feeling empowered, overwhelmed, passionate, frustrated and thirsting for more information. The course was amazing. Glen Kallas, our instructor from Camden Delta, was fantastic. I learned a lot about where Human Resources is going and why talent management is so important.

The course validated a lot of my own thoughts, ideas and feelings about human resources, my own development, and the kind of company I want to be associated with. The downside is that I started to feel a strong sense of dread about returning to work this week. That was the moment I began to feel overwhelmed and frustrated. I wanted to leave and relax in my garden but if I wish I could, instead I am jealous of guys like these here. I felt that I was going back to an organization that did not have any semblance of a talent mindset and there were so many things I identified that needed to be changed in order to become the thriving organization we wanted to be (from a talent point of view).

The truth is, however, that I am just the HR Assistant and nobody is asking for my opinion…and the frustration sets in….I know I am talented, these theories for talent management resonate so strongly with me, I also know the value I can bring to a company, and just as importantly, the passion I have for my field. So I thought about this all weekend, and I came to a few realizations:

  1. I am young and I have time on my side
  2. I need to be less impatient and be in this for the long haul, change takes time and,
  3. I really truly love talent management and I have time to learn everything I can to better myself and my career.

The greatest take away for me was finding the direction I want my career to go and teaching myself to take it one day at a time!

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