why should you have talent management software?

Let’s face it, keeping all those resumes in a folder on your hard drive is not going to cut it. You need a way to be on top of your talent.  Talent Management Software applications today are highly advanced reporting machines! And if you, like me, have a C-Suite that LOVES data, an ATS will be your BFF.

I recently looked at a system by iCims and was thoroughly impressed. The user interface was stunning and easy to navigate, which in my experience can be a real problem with a lot of these systems. The other feature of iCims that I really loved was the different portals.

There is a Careers Portal for potential candidates to search open jobs and apply online, which most ATS have, but the best part is the Hiring Manager Portal and the Vendor Portal. As an HR generalist I don’t always have time to devote to recruiting and shuffling papers around. The hiring manager portal allows manager to sign in and see THEIR open jobs, review resumes and give feedback.

The flip side to this is the vendor portal that allows third-party recruiters to see the jobs you need them to fill and to submit applicants that way. Now here is the kicker, which should have all you HR folks giddy like its christmas morning! Third party vendors can log in and see the feedback from the hiring manager and they don’t need to bug you!!!!

If that doesn’t sell you then check out their reporting capabilities. Unlike a lot of ATS services out there, iCims reporting is built in and doesn’t cost extra. You can have any type of report your heart desires right on your dashboard.

Speaking of dashboards, you can customize each users dashboard to show them the information they would need to see all the time. I can go on and see how many open jobs there are, how many new applicants, time to fill, etc. My boss however can log in and immediately see more robust statistics that she may need to report back to the CFO or CEO.

Truly a wonderful program, it has so many other features I could sit here and gush forever!

Even if you have an ATS in place I highly recommend looking at this one!

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