6 benefits of using twitter for talent acquisition

I want to say most of us use twitter these days. I have connected with so many leaders in my industry and those who share my passion for social media and human resources. That being said, I realized this week, while tweeting about new jobs for my organization, that a lot of HR professionals are still not taking advantage of this tool. So here are 6 excellent benefits for using twitter as part of your talent acquisitionplan (as taught to me by the wonderful Bryan Starbuck)

1. find top talent

You can utilize twitter without even posting anything. This may be a great way to get started if you are nervous about using this type of technology. One of the easiest and most useful things you can do is just search for the best talent. You can search using hashtags. A hashtag is simply a keyword with the # symbol in front of it. For example, if you are looking to fill positions in the pharmaceutical  industry you can search for #sales or #pharmaceutical. This will give you a list of people who are talking about that topic. From there you are able to browse through find articles and names of top leaders in that field.

2. access top talent

This is different that just finding top talent. To access top talent you need to engage. By tweeting about your company or open positions people will start following you too. This gives you access to the talent. You can start engaging with them right away and build up your own database of talented people to source from. That brings me to what to tweet.

3. branding

I have talked about branding before, but it is one of the most important things you can do for your company and your talent acquisition strategy. By tweeting about interesting news and events with your company, open jobs, important industry news, people who are interested will start to follow. Branding helps to show the world who your company is. What do you stand for, what kind of things do you do. What type of jobs are available. it is a quick shot of information that people can process quickly. You can create a twitter profile with a name that is related to your company or industry. For my organization I use SokoloveCareers. You can even personalize your page with your logo. If you need help branding talk to your marketing department and PR folks for help designing and choosing interesting articles to tweet about. Branding helps not only your recruiting efforts but also your organization as a whole by giving you more exposure.

4. email notification

There are also great tools that enhance the twitter experience. For example TweetBeep is a great tool. Again, this is a tool you can use even if you do not want to post. What TweetBeep does is allows you to input criteria such as your company name, industry, city, or keywords for jobs you are looking to fill like skills and titles. After inputting the information you will receive email notifications when people are talking about these things on twitter. For example if you want to be alerted to people who are discussing #law topics in #boston you just put that criteria in and you will get those notifications. You are then able to very easily access the thought leaders in that location in that industry.

5. google search

Another non-tweet approach is google search. You can actually use good to search for people on twitter using certain key words. For example if you are looking for Sales Trainers you can simply go to google and type in “sales trainer” site:twitter.com you will get a list of twitter users who fit that search and you can again find the top talent by checking out their profiles and tweets.

6. networking events

Lastly, another great benefit of using twitter is you have access to all kinds of networking events. There are networking events everywhere for virtually every industry for practically every night of the year! Some are company sponsored events that people are tweeting about, some are organizations, some are called tweetups, which is a get to gether of people who know each other via twitter. It’s a great way to find those events where you can actually engage with talent face to face.

You should have no excuses now for not using twitter. Even for those who are tweet shy you can still use twitter as a research tool to enhance your recruiting efforts. And because twitter is free your ROI will be nothing but positive. Just don’t waste your time. You don’t need to read every tweet, nor do you have to tweet more that a couple of times a day, or a  week for that matter. So get out there and start tweeting!!

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